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Lawn Care

Posted by Chris Till in Domestic

We are starting our Autumn lawn care treatments in the coming weeks. If you have difficult and persistent lawn problems or want to put in place an annual lawn treatment programme, we can help. Prices can start from £12.00 a treatment. We only use specialist…

Wild Flower Mix

Posted by Chris Till in Domestic

This image is of a wild flower meadow that we planted last September.  We used an  annual mixture on this area due to the soil being so rich. A perennial mix would be better for poorer soil. Wild flowers are a fantastic way to encourage…

Spring Is In Full Swing!

Posted by Chris Till in Domestic

This is a stump grinding job that we carried out for a private customer, we had to remove 8 large stumps from her front garden in preparation for planting of new tree’s and shrubs that we also supplied. The growing season is really getting going…

A Busy March!

Posted by Chris Till in Domestic

Over the past week, we have been busy erecting 450 metres of stock fencing to contain a herd of llamas for a customer near Wotton-under-Edge. This proved to be a challenging job due to layers of limestone on the edge of the valley where the…

Tree and Hedge Maintenance

Posted by Chris Till in Commercial, Domestic

This is one of our fully qualified tree surgeons dismantling a Rowan tree. The tree had become too big for the garden and was damaging the nearby fence. We also removed the stump. Now is the time to get all your tree and hedge work…

Grass Care Services

Posted by Chris Till in Domestic

This is a lawn that we take care of on a weekly basis. We offer regular grass cutting and lawn care treatments all year round. These include weed control, feed and moss control. Prices can start from as little as £12.00 per application which is…

New Stump Grinder Arrived!

Posted by Chris Till in Commercial, Domestic

We have taken delivery of our brand new new stump grinder, a Rayco RG25HD. This is the largest pedestrian grinder on the market and will compliment our smaller Rayco stump grinder. This new machine will help us cut down on lead times due to the…